Ne remets pas à deux mains ce que tu peux faire à quatre

Comme tout le monde, j’avais déjà entendu parler de TDD. La première fois que j’y ai été confronté fut lors de mon »

Anonymous Driven Development

I think it is. By the way, this was taken by José Paumard during the Java User Group session of February 2012, for Code Story contest. »

Devoxx : nouveaux langages

Les conférences suivies Voici les conférences que ce premier billet va tenter de résumer. The Groovy Ecosystem, Andres Almiray Crash Course into Scala, Mario Fusco et »

1 semaine à Devoxx

Devoxx est une conférence annuelle Java, réussissant la subtile alchimie mêlant conférenciers de renom (Brian Goetz, Joshua Bloch, Mark Reinhold, …​) et nouveaux venus. »

Code Quickie #2: anonymous functions and global variable

To avoid global variable name collision, there is a possibility to enclose your Javascript snippet in an anonymous function, whose invocation follows the declaration. For instance: »

Easy mornings with WMCTRL

Well, it’s time to automate this! And the solution is easy: WMCTRL. This awesome command-line tool gives you control on your windows (move 'em, »

Slideshow with HTML5

When you hear slideshow, you probably think of Javascript, maybe via your favorite framework or not. Well, those days are over. HTML5 is more and more »

PHP, system locale and i18n

A large number of PHP functions base their behavior on the system locale: number_format, money_format …​ If we take a closer look to »

Code Quickie #1: conversion and final keyword

a class or method declared final cannot be overridden (this is not a problem, as you favor composition over inheritance, right?) ; a variable declared final can »

Java fundamentals: booleans, expressions, bitwise operations++

Although there are bitwise operators | and &, this should not be mixed with the logical ones (same goes with + for concatenation and + for arithmetic addition). Indeed, »